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Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol use disorder is defined as problem drinking, and it can cover a large spectrum of people with alcohol issues.

Some symptoms of alcohol use disorder include:

  • A lot of time spent drinking
  • Recurrence of drinking too much or for too long
  • Continually craving alcohol
  • Continuing to drink despite negative effects on relationships
  • Cutting back on other activities in favor of drinking
  • Continued drinking even though it results in depression


In case of drug and alcohol abuse look for Professional help and in case of suicide call 911.

Keep in mind that it is best to seek professional help if the symptoms lasted for a long time.

If your loved one is struggling with Mental Health illness, we are here to help. Reach out to Kelburn Recovery Centre by calling +1 (855) 857 6768 or +1 (204) 275 2111.

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