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How to manage anxiety about Coronavirus that turns in to panic?

With the spread of Coronavirus many have found their daily lives to be challenging. Keeping your mental health stable and healthy in situations like this is important. Serious issues like the Coronavirus can cause people to feel anxious and unsafe about everything that is happening and sometimes the anxiety and stress turns in to panic. Shaking, nausea, unusual heartbeats, dizziness and difficulty breathing could be because of panic attacks. Although panic attacks can be scary and uncomfortable, it is important to remember that they can be controlled or avoided.
To manage a panic attack:
  1. Be aware of the fact that you are panicking and as scary as it is, it is not dangerous.
  2. It takes time for you to calm down, approximately 15-30 minutes.
  3. Take deep breaths through your nose and mouth.
  4. Change your focus to something other than the panic attack.
Panic attacks are sudden and can happen to anyone so it is important that we train our body to keep
control in stressful and unbearable situations. To prevent panic attacks from happening:
  1. Take deep and long breaths everyday as exercise.
  2. Exercise to stay healthy both mentally and physically.
  3. To maintain a stable blood sugar level , eat proper meals.
  4. Avoid using alcohol, smoking and caffeine.
  5. Keep thinking positively and optimistically

Keep in mind that it is best to seek professional help if the symptoms lasted for a long time.

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