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Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment: Some Important Facts

There are so many things about addiction that is not known, that is the reason why people tend to lack of proper treatment of drug or alcohol related problems. Here we are going to discuss the major problems that accompany the drug problems and which are treated in an Alcohol Rehab Winnipeg institute.

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Bring The Human Toll Of Addiction To Light

My personal story of overcoming 23 years as an alcoholic is both unique and universal. It’s unique because the struggle is my own, but it’s universal because millions of others face a similar struggle with addiction. They need a pathway out, and they won’t find it without help.

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Don Not Confuse Mental Health With Addictions

January 28th is the annual Let’s talk campaign by Bell to raise awareness about and reduce the stigma of mental illness. And, through this campaign, Bell has committed over $60 million for mental health in Canada. This is a commendable program and an example of good corporate responsibility. However, what would also be a tremendous benefit in reducing the stigma of mental illness is for governments and the health industry to end the partnership between mental illness and addictions.

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