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We believe your stay with us should be as comforting and relaxing as we can possibly make it.

Kelburn Recovery Centre Facilities

Conveniently located in St. Adolphe, 7 kilometers south of Winnipeg, Kelburn Recovery Centre is a unique executive property on 45 beautiful acres along the Red River. Approximately 30 minutes from Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, Kelburn Recovery Centre is ideally located for visits by family and outings into the Winnipeg area.

  • A 10,000 square foot executive residential home with bedrooms for 10 guests
  • Indoor sauna, Games room, Great room and more
  • A 9 hole PGA standard, Executive Golf Course designed by Golf Course Architect, David Grant
  • Strategically placed BBQ’s, allowing for family visits
  • Three beautiful lakes and a brook with all seasons walking paths
  • The property is lined with mature oak and pine trees for confidentiality, privacy and beauty

Kelburn Recovery Centre Amenities

As part of your addiction treatment program, we believe your stay with us should be as comforting and relaxing as we can possibly make it. As such, we offer a wide range excellent amenities as well as engaging alternative programs and recreational activities to support you in your recovery, and allow you to relearn the joys and pleasures of good sober fun.


Indoor Activities (Swim, Gym and Yoga)

Our on-site gym and olympic-size indoor swimming pool provides an opportunity for you to ameliorate your physical health, helping to heal your body. We have a trained health and fitness counselor to guide you through a customized program, taking you through a routine that involves a treadmill, cycle, free weights, and a weight station.

Spa Services and Massage Therapy (Optional)

The addiction recovery process can be, at times, both physically and emotionally difficult. Some days, you will have an onslaught of information and emotions to handle. Spa and massage treatments help to restore your peaceful energy, calming and centering you in your body.

Outdoor Recreational Activities (Golf,  Cross Country Skiing and Yoga)

Enjoying your life in a healthy way, learning to have fun sober, can greatly limit the risk of relapse. Depending on the season, we offer a variety of outdoor recreational activities, which have much more fun than repetitious exercising at indoor gym.

Dining and Culinary Options

As a treatment center with a holistic approach, nutrition is a key component to our addiction treatment programs. We work together to create healthy, delicious menus that nourish the body and spirit. Fresh ingredients including fresh fruit, vegetables and salad are consistently on the menu.