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Kelburn Services

Kelburn Services

Kelburn Estates offers many services to help individuals with their substance abuse problems and any accompanying mental health concerns. Depending on the individual and their preferences, many recovery programs are offered.


Non-Medical Detox Program
Before recovery can begin, the addict needs to flush the harmful substance from his or her body and overcome any withdrawal symptoms that may accompany the sudden abstinence. The detoxification programs offered at Kelburn Estates help the patient find creative ways to stay away from drugs or alcohol, while developing a personalized treatment plan.


Inpatient Program
We offer inpatient, or residential, treatment programs for individuals who will benefit from 24 hour access to care and medical professionals. Inpatient programs have a lot of benefits, especially at our facility. Our team of professionals monitors each patient and is able to tailor a program depending on the needs of the guest. The program may include psycho-education sessions, yoga, addiction management therapy, swimming or other physical activity, and more. Further, our inpatient treatment program ensures the patient will be kept away from any temptation of drugs or alcohol during their recovery process.


Outpatient Program
Outpatient treatment programs allow the patient to maintain their day-to-day activities while receiving treatment, and are less costly than inpatient treatment programs. We work with each guest to develop a rehabilitation class schedule that will fit in with your other time commitments. Outpatient programs are particularly effective for individuals who are in the early stages of addiction.


Aftercare Recovery Program
Our aftercare program was created specifically for individuals who have just completed one of our recovery programs to mitigate the risk of relapse. Each program is personalized to the individual’s needs to ensure a successful recovery. Each program will help the individual reintegrate themselves into their world without drugs or alcohol, and will help the patient with strategies to stay away from drugs. Aftercare recovery programs are vital for long-term abstinence. Recent studies have found that within two years of recovery, there is an 85 percent chance of relapse.


Kelburn Estatesfocuses on creating individual recovery plans for every patient, no matter the method of treatment. Each treatment plan focuses on the physical, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual recovery of the patient to ensure a complete rehabilitation. Kelburn Estates works with each guest as a partner on the journey to recovery and keeps the guest involved in every stage of planning, reducing the risk of relapse upon completion of the treatment plan.


The multidisciplinary team of staff members ranges from specializing in emotion-focused therapy, to marriage and family counseling, to forensic psychiatric nursing – ensuring that everyone’s needs are fully addressed.

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