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Aftercare Recovery Program

When you want help that continues long after rehab has ended, extended recovery offers the support you need to stay clean and sober.

What Is Aftercare Program

Our aftercare program was created specifically for individuals who have just completed one of our recovery programs to mitigate the risk of relapse. Each program is personalized to the individual’s needs to ensure a successful recovery. Each program will help the individual reintegrate themselves into their world without drugs or alcohol, and will help the patient with strategies to stay away from drugs. Aftercare recovery programs are vital for long-term abstinence. Recent studies have found that within two years of recovery, there is an 85 percent chance of relapse.

Kelburn Estates focuses on creating individual recovery plans for every patient, no matter the method of treatment. Each treatment plan focuses on the physical, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual recovery of the patient to ensure a complete rehabilitation. Kelburn Estates works with each guest as a partner on the journey to recovery and keeps the guest involved in every stage of planning, reducing the risk of relapse upon completion of the treatment plan.

The multidisciplinary team of staff members ranges from specializing in emotion-focused therapy, to marriage and family counseling, to forensic psychiatric nursing – ensuring that everyone’s needs are fully addressed.

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What is an Aftercare Program Kelburn?
Aftercare program is made for those people that have just recovered from treatment and they don’t want to get ill again. Several types of rehab aftercare program are made on bases of individual needs. Each program differs from other to match perfect with everyone’s requirements.

Whenever a person completes recovery program of addiction, he comes to his life where he had left. However without proper support and care, a person can’t go proper with routine life. This is why we introduce aftercare recovery program, where our specialists take care of patients so that they may never return to their addicted life. Hence, aftercare recovery program makes possible to do care of person to save him being addicted again.

Aftercare recovery program has its importance so each person should take it after as he recovers. However, it is based on individual needs that can stay for a few days to a long time. It also depends on a person’s financial budget how much it allows him to spend on his aftercare program. In case if a person is unable to spend then he can stop this program and if at any step in life, he thinks that he needs this program then program can be started again.

Importance of Long Term Treatment
When a person recovers from drugs addiction, first year is most critical for him. This is because he has to live a new life without drugs and alcohol. He has to make strategies and habits to be always away from drugs. This can only happen with help of aftercare program.

When a person completes his recovery program and comes back to home, he has to face lot of problems. There will not be assistance and guidance of a therapist that may make him able to fight stress without drugs. Hence there are chances that he may start his addicted life again. However, if there is aftercare therapist guidance and care with him then he would be able to fight with stress and will involve creative activities that will make him to stay away from drugs.

Risks of Not Having Aftercare Program
Studies and surveys show that there are 85% chances within 2 years of recovery program that a person can go to addicted life again. This is because when a person leaves drug addiction life, he sometime feels stress and anxiety. That makes him to start using drugs again. As there will not be any assistance and care of a therapist that makes him calm and involve him in creative activities, he will be fell again in life where he had been before recover program. So aftercare program has its value and it is important for everyone to stay safe with aftercare recovery program.