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Inpatient Treatment Program

Rehabilitation is about breaking down harmful habits and replacing them with healthy ones through therapy and counseling.

Kelburn’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Is Unique

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If you’re not sure whether inpatient rehab is right for you, our treatment specialists are here to help. Call 1-855-857-6768 and beat your addiction today.

We have specialists that provide treatment of mental health, drug and alcohol. If you are one of that people that is addicted of these things or your family member or friend is addicted, you are looking for rehab program, then come forward to us with surety that you or your beloved one will be cured with our reliable inpatient program.

Benefits from Residential Treatment:

Inpatient rehabilitation provided by us comes with lot of benefits. As we have specialists that treat patients reading their mind and observing their nature, therefore, all treatment undergoes that in a way, involving patient in all activities. Our specialists create interest of patient all activities that undergo supervision of our specialists this is why, patient cures in better way. However, some more benefits are under here that you will find with our inpatient rehabilitation program.

•    Daily psycho-education sessions
•    Daily cognitive behavioral therapy
•    Daily symptom management therapy
•    Daily individual sessions personalized to the client issues
•    Daily addiction management therapy
•    Weekly post recovery action planning to the individual client
•    Weekly PTSD therapy
•    Twice weekly yoga therapy
•    Daily physical exercise and swimming
•    Additional physical therapies on request

So while considering about rehabilitation program for you or your beloved one, must consider individual needs. We assure you that with our rehabilitation program, you will get 100% results with our treatment program. If you need further consultancy then visit our website or call us at +18558576768 to book your appointment with our specialists.