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When You Go To Rehab

What To Expect When You Go To Rehab

Checking into a rehabilitation centre can be an overwhelming experience, especially when you are unsure of what the experience will look like. To help make the transition easier, here is what to expect when starting treatment for drug rehab in Winnipeg.

Wait Times Will Vary

Getting into a rehabilitation centre for treatment could take anywhere from a day, to six months depending on the availability of room and the demand for treatment services. Sometimes you need to wait until a patient has completed their treatment plan before you will be admitted, sometimes a patient will quit and you will get in sooner.

You, or a close friend or family member, will have to call try and reserve the bed. You will likely not be told how long your wait period will be, so it is important to continually check in. Because timing is crucial in the rehabilitation process, it is recommended that you call daily.

Rehab Processes And Treatments Will Depend On The Centre You Attend

With rehab centres intended for adult patients, treatment options will vary. Some facilities will treat their patients using empirically tested and proven methods, such as acupuncture, certain kinds of yoga, and neuro-feedback. Others will focus on a faith-based method in which the patient is to quit cold turkey. Due to the varying nature of facilities, it is important to discern what kind of treatment will be the most beneficial to you or your loved one. Do your research and talk to intake workers to figure out the best option.

It is also important to note that some rehab centres are primarily interested in turning a profit, rather than helping their patients overcomes their addictions. Speaking to an intake worker will also help you avoid facilities that do not have the patients’ well being at the centre of their operations.

Evidence-Based Treatment May Receive Pushback

Rehab facilities have limited spots available for patients on maintenance drugs, such as suboxone or methadone, as these treatments require more individual care and also require regular trips to the pharmacy to pick up the drugs. As a result, many rehab facilities will only accept patients on low levels of maintenance drugs. Other centres will adhere to an “Alcoholics Anonymous” approach or a 12-step program, while some will ban drugs altogether.

Rehab Will Only Work If You Want It To

You cannot force someone to overcome their drug addiction; they have to want to get better. There are countless stories of individuals overdosing days or weeks after returning from rehab, despite attending a centre with a good reputation and proper care procedures. At the end of the day, success is a function of commitment.

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