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Hard To Say No to drug

Why It’s Hard To Say No

Overcoming drug addiction is a difficult process. Recovery is not only about abstaining from using drugs, but it is also about healing your mind, body, and life – this is why it is important to choose the correct drug rehab facility in Winnipeg.

For many individuals with drug addictions, it is not easy to just stop taking the drug. One of the main reasons for this is due to the neurotransmitter, dopamine. Research shows that addiction is powerfully linked to memories and recovery, therefore, must work to reduce the influence of these memories.

Addictive drugs, like a pleasurable or intense life event, cause a release of dopamine in the brain, leading to a rewarding sensation. The reward circuit thus flags the experience as important and creates a lasting memory of it as being a pleasurable experience. Eventually, the dopamine urges the brain to repeat the event in order to feel the rewarding sensation again, which significantly increases the possibility of relapse.

Moreover, new research on dopamine has found that it does more than just control the reward circuit of the brain; dopamine also tells the brain what is important and what is necessary for survival. The more powerful the experience, the stronger the message is telling the brain to repeat said experience for survival. Therefore, individuals who have few important commitments in their life that capture their interest or attention are more likely to be attracted to activities that give them a rush and stimulate the brain in a powerful way.

This new research is a significant contribution to figuring out how someone can be addicted to something that destroys their life and hurts their loved ones. Recovering from an addiction is more than a problem of willpower; it is about transforming and restructuring what the brain registers as important and meaningful.

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